Guided Support Throughout Your Journey

Our Advocates are one of many things that make us unique. From explaining what benefits are available, to onboarding students into the program, resume prep and interview best practices, the Advocate goes on the journey with the student and is a support system every step of the way. An Advocate’s job does not stop once a student graduates and gets a job; they will continue to be in contact and work with students through career concerns and personal issues.
Discuss your situation with an Advocate
If you are a veteran, Advocates will provide guidance on how to apply for VR&E benefits. If you are a non-veteran in RI, advocates will inform you of tuition payment resources.
Upon qualification, Advocates will assist in getting you enrolled
Advocates will work with VSOs and other organizations to ensure you are receiving the highest levels of support to complete the program
Career needs and expectations will be discussed so Advocates can assist in finding the best cultural career fit
Advocates will provide career preparation and resources to ensure you are placed in a job that suits you
Post-graduation and hiring, your Advocate will be available for continued guidance and support