Many companies based in the United States claim to support military veterans, but the 15 organizations featured below have specific programs or support in place to show that they mean it when it comes to vet jobs. Some of the larger companies listed here have entire programs dedicated to helping veterans transition from a military to a civilian career. These are often led by former members of the military themselves.

Other businesses have support systems such as military skill matching and the ability to search for jobs based on a corresponding military job title. Whether you have just returned home or have a few months to go, take advantage of these resources to help you enter a civilian career with ease.

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We would like to congratulate Mark Thibodeau (L) for completing STRAC and earning his ETA Journeyman Electronic Technician certificate in addition to his IPC certs being awarded by Frank Sablan (R) of VAe. Good luck, Mark, with your new career at Polaris Lockheed Martin.

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