Delivering Qualified Candidates

to a Professional Network

Throughout our history, we have developed a huge network of terrific companies that hire our graduates. We have designed and evolved our curriculum to meet the ever-changing demands of the industry, based on the feedback employers have provided. In return, employers receive a qualified candidate who can make an immediate impact upon hiring.

Graduates are Employed by:

The STRAC® Program:

Our program takes 4-5-months to complete. During their time enrolled, students will receive instruction and hands-on experience using industry-standard equipment. Once a student successfully completes this program, they will have received 12 internationally recognized certifications.

Internationally Recognized Certifications That Students Earn Are:

  • ETA Electronic Technician Associate certificate (CETa)
  • AC, DC, Analog and Digital Certified
  • Hands-on Assessments
  • IPC – Requirements for Soldered Electrical Electronic Assemblies w/Space Addendum (J-STD-001/ES, Class 3)
  • IPC – Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies (A-610)
  • IPC – Counterfeit Identification Certification
  • IPC – Acceptability of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies (IPC-620)
  • IPC Certification Counterfeit Identification Certification
  • Electronics Technicians Association-International (ETA®) Journeyman certificate
  • Organization Certifying Technical Employee Competence (ETA®) Digital, Analog, AC and DC certificates (performance tested)

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