16 Veteran Friendly Companies With Vet Jobs Openings In Southern New England

16 Veteran Friendly Companies With Vet Jobs Openings In Southern New England

Many companies based in the United States claim to support military veterans, but the 15 organizations featured below have specific programs or support in place to show that they mean it when it comes to vet jobs. Some of the larger companies listed here have entire programs dedicated to helping veterans transition from a military to a civilian career. These are often led by former members of the military themselves.

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Other businesses have support systems such as military skill matching and the ability to search for jobs based on a corresponding military job title. Whether you have just returned home or have a few months to go, take advantage of these resources to help you enter a civilian career with ease.

  • Dedicated veteran support
  • Veteran-specific program

Audi, a high-end car manufacturer, offers a Veterans to Technicians program for skilled and qualified applicants. Minimum requirements to qualify for the program include:

  • Honorable discharge from the United States military
  • Three or more years of technical training and performance
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Clean driving record
  • Pass basic pre-employment screening test

If admitted to the Veterans to Technicians program, you will receive dedicated support from program staff who are responsible for coordinating candidate screening, hiring, and interviewing. Potential positions after completing the program include Service Consultant, Service Technician, and Shop Foreman.

bae systems
  • Veteran-specific program

Electronics company BAE Systems established its Camo to Corporate program in 2013 to shows its support for military veterans and their families. One of the key initiatives in this vet jobs program is the military skills translator that matches skills used in the military to current job openings.

In addition to participating in a number of federal government and Veteran’s Administration programs to identify open positions, BAE Systems also participates in the Warrior Integration Program to assist wounded veterans in finding meaningful employment.

chuck e chesse
  • Preferential veteran hiring

Chuck E Cheese is a large pizza chain and entertainment center with thousands of locations across the United States. It gives preference to veterans applying for electronics technicians and other high-level jobs in its corporate center. The company employs 15,000 people in the United States and is committed to supporting those who claim military veteran status.

  • Preferential veteran hiring
  • Resource group

The nationwide drugstore chain CVS Pharmacy is part of the Joining Forces initiative introduced by Congress several years ago. The company has publicly stated it will offer 25 percent of its available warehouse and distribution jobs to military veterans or their family members. CVS also offers the VALOR program, which is a nationwide colleague resources group that works to ensure that veterans feel welcome and supported in their new position.

dave and busters
  • Career matching services

Dave and Buster’s is a restaurant and entertainment complex with 75 locations across the United States. The organization values employee diversity at all levels and is publicly committing to supporting transitioning veterans by offering career matching services for those seeking vet jobs.

electric boat company
  • Job search by military skill

Electric Boat is a division of General Dynamics and has existed since 1899. The company designs and constructs submarines for the United States Navy. Retired military members of all branches make ideal employees at this company because many of them already have engineering, design, and construction skills in addition to understanding military culture. Electric Boat offers many alternatives for seeking employment at its company, including searching by military occupation specialty.

federal electronics
  • Dedicated veteran support

Federal Electronics offers engineering, electronics, and supply-chain solutions. Headquartered in Rhode Island, the company seeks employees who have the type of dedication and skills that they learn in the military. A representative of Federal Electronics will work one-on-one with veterans to identify if they are a good fit for one of the company’s vet jobs.

VAe electronics training graduate employer
  • Preferential veteran hiring

Federal Security Technologies, located in East Providence, Rhode Island, has been a security and locksmith expert in the New England area for more than 100 years. Veterans are welcome to disclose their status for added assistance and consideration during the hiring process.

  • Preferential veteran hiring

Hayward Industries manufactures residential and commercial swimming pool equipment. It has numerous locations in the United States as well as 65 other countries. The company is one of Fortune Magazine’s most admired companies for its veteran friendly hiring practices and social responsibility. Hayward Industries has numerous openings for vet jobs across the country, especially in the area of engineering.

Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover North America is a luxury car company located in Mahwah, New Jersey. The company also has several worldwide locations. Land Rover values skills like teamwork, dedication, and technical skills that many former members of the military possess. It also encourages personal growth and career development, especially for transitioning military members.

lockhead martin
  • Job search by military skill
  • Dedicated veteran support
  • Veteran-specific program

Lockheed Martin specializes in aerospace and defense, emerging technologies, energy, information technology, and space technology. The company is extremely dedicated to assisting veterans with transitioning from military to civilian jobs. Its Military Connect program offers resume writing and interviewing tips, career counseling, and realistic guidance on what to expect with vet jobs. Lockheed Martin also uses a skills translator to match military skills to its open positions and employs four Military Relations Managers to help ease your transition.

  • Job search by military skill
  • Veteran support programs

Nordson Corporation is a large multinational company based in the United States that manufactures adhesives, coatings, and sealants. Like some of the other featured military-friendly companies, it uses the military skills translator to help match former military members with current job openings. Its United States location is based in Ohio and the company has dozens of open positions for locations across the country at any given time. It offers veteran support programs throughout the hiring process to help ensure a successful transition to civilian employment.

  • Dedicated veteran support
  • Physical and emotional assistance with family housing

PAE has a strong commitment to hiring veterans due to the diversity, loyalty, and strong work ethic they bring to the job. Veterans applying at PAE will work directly with a human resources professional to identify job openings that match their skills and offers meaningful work. In addition to offering vet jobs, PAE supports the Boulder Crest Retreat for Military and Veteran Wellness located on 37 acres in Bluemont, Virginia. Entire families can stay at Boulder Crest Retreat while the military member receives the physical and emotional assistance he or she needs.

rockwell collins
  • Dedicated veteran support (new veteran employee matched with current veteran employee)

Rockwell Collins, an aerospace engineering company with its main location in Iowa, has won several awards for its dedication to employing and empowering veterans. The company is part of the Joining Forces Initiative and provides numerous resources to the organization Student Veterans of America. Rockwell Collins sponsors a transitioning employee resource group that matches a current veteran employee with a new veteran employee.

  • Job search by military skill

SAIC, a large international organization that specializes in engineering, intelligence, and enterprise information technology, has 15,000 employees worldwide. The company considers its veteran employees to be a large part of its ongoing success. When searching for vet jobs on its website, veterans have the opportunity to filter the results based on the position’s corresponding military occupation specialty. Some positions have nearly 1,000 openings nationwide.

v tron
  • Dedicated veteran support

V-Tron is a manufacturing company that creates products for commercial, industrial, medical, and military applications. Because the military is a large client base, V-Tron offers support and guidance to qualified military personnel who apply for positions at its North Attleboro, Massachusetts location. Typical open positions include Assembly Technicians, Quality Inspectors, Manufacturing Engineer, and Information Technology and Quality Control.

Now that you’re aware of the programs available for military veterans at some of the nation’s most respected companies, take the next step by contacting the companies that interest you most. Even if there are no open positions at this time, you’re likely to find the encouragement and support you need to make this major life change less intimidating.

Is your company veteran friendly? Post a comment or contact us to help veterans.

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