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This is a great programs customized for Veterans, who are able to acquire employment in a very short period of time. The one on one instruction and knowledge from instructors Tony and Zach was spectacular. The all veteran learning environment made my experience even more comfortable and conducive to learning. There is a great sense of camaraderie and support from my Veteran Advocate Julie, the staff and my fellow classmates. I am glad this program is being recognized and exposed to more veterans as compared to when I started the program 5 months ago.

Michael Watts

The hands on practice exercises were much appreciated. I was also glad to have one on one time with instructors Zach and Tony, which enhanced my learning experience. The level of knowledge they possessed was phenomenal. I appreciated the fact that the program was self-paced because I was not sped up or slowed down by my peers. The encouragement and support from the staff, especially Matt and Julie, along with my peers added to the overall value and appreciation of my time here at VAe.

Clifford Schneider

The best part of the program experience for me was having a support team of people who were sincerely invested in and committed to my success.

Jason Cardin