Rachel Santos

Rachel Santos

Regional Manager

Phone: (407) 792-8901

Robert Berlin

Instructor, CETsr, CIT
Associate of Science in Pre-Engineering (University of Florida), Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering (Florida Atlantic University)

Robert Berlin spent 6 years in the Navy. After the Navy, Robert spent 20 years working as an engineer for various companies such as Lockheed Martin Missiles, Fire Control Systems, and Arrow Electronics. Robert also has spent many years working as an engineer for medical equipment at Separation Technology Inc.

Michael Hagedorn

Dr. Michael Hagedorn

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineer (University of Minnesota), Master of Science (University of Minnesota), Ph.D in Electrical Engineering (University of Minnesota)

Michael has spent 25 years working in R&D design, 6 years as a research and teaching assistant while obtaining his various degrees, as well as 2 years as an electronics service technician, and 5 years as an independent design consultant.

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