Julie Frisone attends ESGR Military Immersion Event at Camp Fogarty

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This past Tuesday I attended a spectacular event at Camp Fogarty, sponsored by the RI ESGR and Hero2Hired. Employers and Veteran Advocates were invited to attend an information session to best understand the nature of service member’s work on drill weekends and during active duty deployments. The event offered unique hands on experience moving through several workstations including a virtual convoy operations trainer.

Ken Capuano (seen center in photo), the RI ESGR Employment Outreach Coordinator, ran the event. While there I met many interesting people and employers including Jason Broomfield, personal trainer of Better Personal Training (left in photo). A special thanks to Ken and Brian LaFauci for inviting Veterans Assembled Electronics to this event. VAe values partnerships and collaborative efforts with organizations like ESGR and H2H jobs, as they produce the greatest and highest outcome for the veterans we serve.

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