How We Help Service Disabled Veterans

Family and Friends

Over 80% of our graduates are employed full time with benefits as electronics technicians.

Our graduates are employed by


We understand service disabled veterans because we are founded by service disabled veterans. We know the emotional and professional challenges your friends and loved ones face every day.

To help, every student is assigned a Veteran Advocate who is responsible for their success. Advocates help students overcome both major and minor barriers to employment.

After 5 months of immersive training, we help service disabled veterans get jobs as electronics technicians typically working fulltime with a salary including benefits.

The foundations of our program

The program is broken down into two specific areas of focus: Veteran Support Services and Electronics Training.

Veteran Support Services provide the service disabled veteran with personal support that facilitates focus on training objectives. We assist veterans in negotiating barriers to employment to maximize the probability of success.

In Electronics Training, for 5 months we combine a mix of classroom and in the field education that mimics industry requirements.

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Before veterans enter our program we need to ensure our program is a good fit for all parties.

Initial Conversation

During our first conversation we cover:

  • Overview of the program
  • Service disabled veteran’s specific situation and goals
  • Next steps

Once We Determine You Are a Fit:

  • Assist you with the application process from start to end
  • Determine next steps and set strategic benchmarks

Veteran Advocate

  • Advocate is responsible for working alongside the veteran from the day they join the program, graduation, employment, and beyond
  • Every student is assigned a Veteran Advocate
  • Advocate will communicate with student on a regular basis to assist in the ultimate goal of gainful employment

Post Training Advocate Responsibilities

  • Assist veteran with obstacles to employment to ensure the service disabled veteran can focus on training
  • Assist veteran with navigating the employment market via resume preparation, interview skills training, and direct with employers that hire VAe trained technicians
  • Continuous check in with student for career support

5 Months of Immersive Training

The foundation of VAe’s training is STRAC™, a Skills TRaining And Certification program that includes tailored employment assistance, all designed to provide career path opportunities for military veterans throughout the electronics industry.

Phase I: 12-week immersion program – 40 hours per week (classroom and lab)

Phase II: 8-week immersion program – 40 hours per week (classroom and lab)

Phaes III:  Enter industry at a level commensurate with experience and skill. This phase includes resume preparation,  interviewing workshops, and leveraging our relationships with employers to find our students’ jobs.

VAe partners with numerous veteran services organizations to make productive referrals to organizations that we know deliver results.

There are no out of pocket costs for the veteran if approved by a VR&E counselor for attendance.

Our graduates go on to work in the electromechanical world in roles such as: electronics technician, calibration technician, test technician, automotive electronics technician, solderer, electromechanical inspector, electromechanical assembler, wire/cable harness technician/assembler, machine technician, avionics technician.

How to help

If you think we can help your friend or loved one let’s send them a quick email to let them know about VAe support services and electronics training.