Domy Opio

VAe electronics training graduate Domy Opio

My Story

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Master Training Specialist, 20+ year US Navy Veteran (Electronics Technician), with over 20 years experience in the electronics/telecommunications industry. Worked for international, national, and especially Central Florida companies, ranging from communications, RADAR, Telecommunications, power supplies and transmission. World traveler, exposed to many diverse cultures.

Program Experience

VAe has been instrumental in helping to refocus my endeavors to getting the training and certificates that businesses these days are calling for from applicants. The networking aspects, as well as the actual world renown certifications have been crucial to getting me leads from amazing potential employers. In fact, I am interviewing for my dream job next week!!!
The staff treats you like a valued member of a close-knit community. They understand the special circumstances that we, as veterans, live with on a daily basis.

It has been an absolute honor and privilege to have been allowed into this glorious opportunity. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate all the support I have received from this course of study and the fabulous staff.


The certification I received from the Veteran Assembled Electronics program legitimizes my vast electronics background. I continue to receive offers from serious enterprises located locally, nationally, and world wide.

Before the program, I could only get beginner, newbie offers, regardless of my resume and background. After four decades in the electronics field starting at the bottom again is a waste of my time, experience, and talent.

I am currently pursuing an overseas gig that has been a dream of mine. Job satisfaction for this particular job is very high in my opinion. At this point in my life, that is what I seek. A job I like, working in a place I like, for people I like. All made possible through Veterans Assembled Electronics, its staff and their contacts!