Jack Newbury

Jack Newbury VAe Graduate

My Story

I retired from the Navy in September 2015. I had gotten a job doing fiber optics for a contractor. Because of my physical health, there were times where I couldn’t go to work because of pain, so they let me go. I collected unemployment for a few months and I just happened to stumble upon one of VAe’s Veteran Advocates through Operation Stand Down.

The Advocate helped me get everything situated with UE. She badgered me and kept trying to get me in touch with VAe. I wasn’t looking to be a tech. I was looking to be a managing supervisor since that’s what I did in the Navy. I wasn’t sure I could keep up with the pace of being a maintenance tech. She got me in touch with another Advocate and the rest is history. I actually met them 5-6 months earlier when I was doing a fiber optic install on their Newport building. They’re fantastic. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I recommend the VAe program to every veteran I’ve met.

Program Experience

The facilitation of what they do down there, the whole package that they provide and the respect you instantly get from their founder, camaraderie from the VAe team, instruction from the educators and everybody is so team-focused and driven by their mission.

It’s comforting to someone with PTSD. It’s a different life and atmosphere. It’s soothing for lack of a better term for a service member who was recently separated to come in and have familiarity along with the training they’re getting, being supported by the VAe, a company they’ve never seen before, and all they want to do is help disabled service members. It’s soothing to be looked after. Not that they needed babysitting, but it’s comforting.


I work for Federal Electronics in Cranston, RI. I’m an electronic manufacturing engineer. Going in, I had zero knowledge of the systems that I was to be working on and with, but the people at Federal Electronics looked past my inadequacies in the civilian environment and allowed me to grow with them and eventually get sought after by management. I owe that to my advocate and his driven work ethic and desire to succeed, not only for himself and the students of VAe. He is absolutely driven to be a positive impact and influence in the lives of these people. I feel like VAe prepared me extremely well for my job.

Federal Electronics delivers a comprehensive electronics manufacturing, engineering, and supply-chain solution with the urgency and commitment that produces real results. Federal Electronics has about 150 employees and is located in Cranston, RI 02921.