10 Companies With Veterans Jobs Openings In Central Florida

10 Companies With Veterans Jobs Openings In Central Florida

It isn’t always easy to find a job when you get out of the service. This is true even when a company advertises that it has veterans jobs available. You just don’t always have the time to find the job openings. In a prior article, we highlighted 16 Veteran-Friendly Companies With Vet Jobs Openings In Southern New England.

Down below, we have found 10 businesses in Central Florida with current openings. These companies are all friendly to veterans. They include:

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  • Hundreds of opportunities
  • 10 offices in the Central Florida region

Aerotek is a staffing agency that works with people to find them a job. Some of the jobs are temporary and others are permanent. You usually have to work as an employee of Aerotek first. If you do well, the company will hire you. Aerotek has 10 offices in Central Florida. They help veterans find a job that matches the skills they used in the military. This agency has over 200 jobs in Central Florida now.

boston whaler
  • 10 percent of the staff are veterans
  • 80 current job openings in manufacturing, engineering, and assembly

This company manufactures boats. It is in Edgewater Florida. Boston Whaler has been in business since 1988. It has gotten twice as big since 2010. More than 10 percent of its staff are veterans. Boston Whaler is committed to veteran jobs hiring. It also hosts events for its veteran staff members every year. The company has more than 80 job openings right now. Many of them are in manufacturing, engineering, and assembly.

Dataflow Systems
  • Chance to use military skills on the job
  • Small but growing company

Dataflow Systems is in Melbourne Florida. It makes radio and network systems for water utilities. It is a small company with 50 employees. Right now it has an opening for a software engineer. Dataflow Systems is also a growing company. It expects to have a lot of job openings in the future. Positions are in the areas of engineering, installation, production, sales, and service. These make good veteran’s jobs because they use a lot of the same skills.

  • Separate hiring for jobs in defense department
  • Strong connection to the military

This company manufactures aircraft. This includes passenger airplanes, executive jets, defense and security planes, and agricultural aviation. Most small domestic flights are on Embraer jets. It has a strong connection to the military. Embraer values veterans as employees. It has a location in Central Florida and four in foreign countries. It advertises jobs for its defense department separately from its other jobs. Some of the current openings are assembly technician, quality engineer, and customer support engineer.

  • Plans to create 50 well-paying jobs in next two years
  • Aerospace division has strong ties to military

Jeteezy is in Sanford Florida. It sells and leases general aviation aircraft. The company specializes in offering Lake 250 airplanes. It plans to add 50 jobs over the next two years. These jobs would pay an average of $61,145 per year. The openings are expected to be for airplane maintenance and assembly. The United States military is one of the company’s clients because it works with aerospace. Jeteezy values military veterans in hiring because of this.

lockhead martin
  • Military Connect program and Skills Translator to help veterans find jobs
  • Military transition managers on staff

This aerospace and defense contracting company has a Military Connect program to help veterans find jobs. The program offers help with resume writing, tips for interviews, and career counseling. The program includes a skills translator that matches your military skills with current job openings. It also has military transition managers on staff to help you after you get hired. It is a big company with many job openings, especially in the area of engineering. Lockheed Martin has a location in Orlando, Florida, and several other major cities in the United States.

rockwell collins
  • Part of the White House Joint Forces Initiative
  • Skills matching and other veteran services

Rockwell Collins is an aerospace engineering company. It is part of Joining Forces Initiative. This government program rewards and supports companies for veterans jobs hiring. It currently has dozens of job openings in Melbourne. Some of these are for a senior electrical engineer, a senior manufacturing electrical engineer, and a senior department support coordinator. As a service disabled veteran, you can request help with skills matching and other services.

southeast aerospace
  • Services all branches of the military
  • Several current job openings in avionics

Southeast Aerospace is also in Melbourne. It manufactures avionic equipment. This includes products, services, and parts distribution. Southeast Aerospace provides services to all branches of the military. Some of its current veteran’s jobs are avionics repair technician, wire harness fabricator, and avionics bench technician. The company also has openings for positions such as administrative help and customer service.

sun nuclear
  • Cooperates with the Employ Florida Marketplace
  • Current job openings in manufacturing and production

This company makes equipment for medical clinics and hospitals. These might include CT scan machines radiology equipment, and ultrasound scanners. Sun Nuclear is a member of the Veterans jobs Program Portal with the Employ Florida Marketplace. Some of its current open positions include manufacturing engineer, production supervisor, and requirements analyst. All of these jobs are at its location in Melbourne.

universal orlando
  • Regular participant in the Orlando All Veterans Job Fair
  • Current job openings in several technical areas

Universal Studios in Orlando is a participant in many job fairs in Florida and recently took part in the All Veterans Jobs Fair. Over 750 veterans attended this event. The company plans to participate in the next veteran job fair in December 2016. Universal Studios is a theme park with hundreds of rides and games. It also has a resort nearby for families to stay while on vacation. The company is committed to hiring veterans and has openings available in dozens of different categories. Several jobs in the technical fields will match your military skills.

If you’re planning to attend a job fair, make sure to go over our Veterans Job Fair Do’s and Don’ts for some quick tips on how to be at your best.

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